MintWorld is community owned NFT based 2D Monster Catcher RPG, currently in development. Players catch, fight & collect unique blockchain-based monsters and upgrade their Level along the way. The game features Monster NFTs (MintMons), Land NFTs and city-specific MayorDAOs allowing players and contributors to decide on the game's story and mechanics.

What makes us unique?

We are building a truly 100% on-chain and forever Free-2-Play game. Our vision is to create a simple, low barrier to entry game, with the easiest onboarding experience possible that appeals to a large community of gamers across all generations, platforms & technologies: Pokรฉmon aficionados, 2D Pixel RPG games nostalgic, traditional trading cards gamers and collectors, NFT collectors, and game developers.

We are using blockchain technology as a means to give gamers what they were always looking for: true ownership of in-game assets, real rewards for player activity and fair in-game progression. To achieve this we are using next-level NFT tech such as dNFTs (dynamic NFTs that have the metadata updating dynamically according to NFT Level and Rank progressions) and give the ability for owners to rent their NFTs and earn royalties on secondary sales.

MintWorld is community owned and governed through multiple city DAOs, making the core users at the heart of decision-making for the release of future game features, mechanics, and developments specifically for each city that is launched. You can participate in the Genesis Land NFT launch for our first city MayorDAO, join whitelist!

Above else, we put the fun at the core of the gaming experience.

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