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Game Dynamics v0

Game Dynamics (v0)

Please note that this first version of the game dynamics reflects the current state of the game, and we are happy to have the communities help us decide on the future evolutions of the game!


We've created a low-barrier entry NFT faucet to build an early supporter community. With this the MintPlayers have the opportunity to be the first to enjoy new content, to catch Monsters (MintMons) and earn the first MintWorldGame coins – $MWG – our ERC-20 in-game utility token, for free. Check Faucet gameplay mechanics here.

Overall Game Dynamics

Here's an overview of the Player Experience planned in Version 1 of the game. Unlocking City Level 0 (exiting the house) requires 5 $MWG that can be acquired through the MintWorld Faucet v0 game.


MintWorld features city-specific DAOs, and allows players to have a voice in the game's story and mechanics
The first MayorDAO will be integrated into the launch of Genesis City. Stakers of Genesis Land NFTs will be the first Mayors of the game.
Mayors will be able to vote on certain aspects of the game, the on-chain contract, and in-game dynamics as shown in the above flow chart


Total Supply at Launch: 10_000_000